Iranian Kurdish Group Says Iran Attacked Its Base In Iraq

If the ISO existed in Of course, Washington lends a hand, helpfully denominating its proxies in the most laudatory terms. Islamist insurgents in Syria, mainly Al Qaeda, were not too many years ago celebrated as a pro-democracy movement, and when that deception proved no longer tenable, as moderates. Half of the Kurd community lives in Turkey, 28 percent in Iran and 20 percent in Iraq. The PKK may embrace beautiful utopian goals of democratic confederalism but it is, at its heart, an organization dedicated to establishing Kurdish self-rule—and, as it turns out, not only on traditionally Kurdish territory, but on Arab territory, as well, making the parallel with Labour Zionism all the stronger. In both Syria and Iraq, Kurdish fighters have used the campaign against ISIS as an opportunity to extend Kurdistan into traditionally Arab territories in which Kurds have never been in the majority. The reality is, however, that whether on the Turkish or Syrian side of the border, the PKK uses the same methods, pursues the same goals, and relies largely on the same personnel. Washington denounced Hafez al-Assad, president of Syria from to , as an Arab communist, and regards his son, Bashar, who succeeded him as president, as little different. However, the Pentagon soon discovered that its resources were strained by resistance to its occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq, and that an invasion of Syria was out of the question.

Iraq elects Kurdish Barham Salih as president

Should intelligence agencies dirty their hands by working with and perhaps even paying human rights abusers and those engaged in illicit activities? While in an ideal world the CIA would not work with those with blood on their hands, often it is these very same people whom it is necessary to compromise to gain insight into decision-making and activities. The important thing for intelligence operators is not to lose sight of the forest for the trees.

Masrour Barzani, chancellor of the Kurdistan Regional Security Council, speaks at a press conference on the front line in the northern Iraqi city of Dohuk in the northwestern Kurdish province of Dohuk on December 18, But, as he grew increasingly erratic, the CIA cut him loose. Ultimately, he became a target rather than a partner.

Veteran Kurdish politician Barham Salih assumed office on Wednesday as Iraq’s new president, ending nearly five months of political deadlock. Salih, 58, who previously served as Iraq’s planning minister and the prime minister of the self-ruled Kurdish region, was elected president by parliament.

Isis on brink of losing battle for de facto capital ‘today or tomorrow’ Extremist militants ‘on the verge of being finished’, say Kurdish forces Saturday 14 October Daesh Isis is on the verge of being finished. Isis is facing total defeat – but has been beaten and come back before An activist group that reports on Raqqa, Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently, said on its Facebook page on Saturday that dozens of buses had entered Raqqa city overnight, having travelled from the northern Raqqa countryside.

The Britain-based Observatory said Syrian Isis fighters and their families had already left the city, and buses had arrived to evacuate remaining foreign fighters and their families. It did not say where they would be taken to. The Observatory said the evacuation was taking place according to a deal reached between the SDF and the US-led coalition on the one hand, and Isis on the other.

During the more than six-year Syrian war, the arrival of buses in a conflict zone has often signalled an evacuation of combatants and civilians.

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Instead, our definition of success should be based on the only thing we can control, ourselves. Success, regardless of what kind of mood the other person is in. It is not yet clear which air force of the several nations which lend air power to defeating Isis was behind the strike.

The following is an extensive list of the destinations, sights and activities that travelers to Iraqi Kurdistan may find interesting. The list covers the three directorates in the region – Erbil, Sulamaniyah and Dohuk.

Share this article Share Much of the weaponry and military equipment currently in the hands of the jihadists was gathered after thousands of members of the U. As the soldiers fled the scene, they left behind millions of pounds worth of top-of-the-range and barely used equipment – all of which was quickly swept up by ISIS. Since then the Kurdish peshmerga forces have carried out the defence of much of northern Syria and Iraq, despite the fact many of the militants only know how to operate clunky, decades-old Soviet-era weapons and are hugely under-resourced in terms of ammunition and protective equipment.

The peshmerga troops were forced to take the initiative and create their own armoured vehicles after the far better equipped ISIS jihadists repeatedly got the better of the Kurds’ Soviet-era military fleet Homemade: In order to resist ISIS’ high-tech firepower, the Kurdish forces have converted tractors and other farm equipment into heavily-armoured vehicles fitted aging Soviet-era guns Protection: An off-road vehicle is seen covered in bullet-proof metal, making it much harder for ISIS to destroy Force: One place in which the vehicles have been deployed is Kobane – the small Syrian town that has been besieged by ISIS militants for a week Brave:

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Northern Syria is part of the Fertile Crescent , and includes archaeological sites dating to the Neolithic, such as Tell Halaf. In antiquity, the area was part of the Mitanni kingdom, its centre being the Khabur river valley in modern-day Jazira Region. It was then part of Assyria for a long time. Kurdish settlement in Syria goes back to before the Crusades of the 11th century. A number of Kurdish military and feudal settlements from before this period have been found in Syria.

In the Kurdish city Amed (Diyarbikir), Turkey is razing the storied old city, with its gardens dating back seven millennia and clutch of protected sites. Unlike Daesh, the Turkish state uses the language of regeneration when obliterating ancient heritage sites – in Western-facing interviews, at least.

The mountain is located outside western city of Piranshahr, in Iranian Kurdistan province, neighboring Iraq. The Iranian authorities have not yet commented on the allegation. In an official statement, KDPI says that one of its personnel was slightly injured during the bombardment by an Iranian drone. Iranian born veteran politicians, year old Mostafa Moloudi and yer old Mostafa Hijri serve in the Kurdish party as the leader and General Secretary, respectively.

The anti-Islamic Republic dissident party published a photo on its website depicting the shell of a rocket allegedly launched by an Iranian drone on its base in Choman district in the Iraqi Kurdistan. It was later reported that fourteen were killed and at least forty injured during the attack. Nevertheless, the spokesman of Iraqi Kurdistan, officially known as Kurdistan Region, dismissed the demand and insisted that the dispute between Tehran and dissident Kurdish groups could not be resolved through military action.

The Sunday afternoon attack was carried out as the Kurdistan Region was holding regional parliamentary election. Since , when the Kurdish dissident groups reported that they had spread their forces across Iranian Kurdistan, the number of clashes between IRGC forces and the Kurdish parties have significantly increased.

Religion and expressive culture

Kurdish leaders are now pushing for a dialogue with Iraq to pave the way to independence. Share on facebook Share on twitter Kurds celebrate to show their support for the independence referendum in Duhok, Iraq, September 26, They were the last to leave the Kurdish region of Iraq before Baghdad ordered the airport closed in retaliation for an independence referendum held on September The scenes at Erbil International Airport were more festive than dour.

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Origin of the Kurds “The land of Karda” is mentioned on a Sumerian clay-tablet dated to the 3rd millennium B. This land was inhabited by “the people of Su” who dwelt in the southern regions of Lake Van ; The philological connection between “Kurd” and “Karda” is uncertain but the relationship is considered possible. Akkadians were attacked by nomads coming through Qartas territory at the end of 3rd millennium B. Akkadians distinguished them as Guti. They conquered Mesopotamia in B.

After initially sustaining a heavy defeat, Ardashir I was successful in subjugating the Kurds.

Worldview: Kurdish women on the front lines

Arrow icon One of the most fascinating aspects of my recent trip to Rojava, the Kurdish region of Syria, was its leaders’ focus on empowering women. The failure of many Mideast nations to let women play a major role in politics and society has severely impeded their development. But in Rojava and North Syria – a self-proclaimed federal state that is recognized by no other country – things are very different.

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Arifi Ahmedi, left, and Shaida Abdulrahman Image: Abdulrahman and Zadah avoided immediate jail time on December 22, but Ahmedi was not sentenced. He was held-up attending court, and after a mix-up in which he needed to be taken to a police station before he could be returned to court, magistrates sent his case to Teesside Crown Court. Ahmedi, of Freeman Street, Grimsby, will face a judge – who can hand out harsher sentences than a magistrate – to find out his fate.

Two of the gang – Ahmedi and Abdulrahman – had been found guilty following a trial on nine charges, relating to being caught with illegal cigarettes at the Gresham Road store and at another location, after Middlesbrough Council brought a prosecution. Zadah was found guilty on four charges. Ahmedi, 27, admitted breaching a suspended sentence order, and failing to surrender to bail at an earlier hearing.

Over 5, cigarettes were seized in August and September , with rolling tobacco also removed. Mr Hope said testing revealed a safety strip, designed to stop them burning through, was missing. Zadar, 21, of Kildare Street, Gresham, Middlesbrough was handed a 12 month community order, with hours unpaid work.


Of these, 56, were in Armenia ; 33, in Georgia ; 25, in Kazakhstan ; 12, in Azerbaijan ; 14, in Kirgizia; 4, in Turkmenia; 1, in Uzbekistan ; and 56 in Tajikistan. The areas of dense settlement are in Transcaucasia Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. According to the census, the Kurds of Azerbaijan are not included among the major more numerous nationalities of the Azerbaijan Republic, because of natural and artificial assimilation.

Documents revealed by Edward Snowden and pertaining to the National Security Agency (NSA), US surveillance programs and US Intelligence Community partners abroad have been released and reported on since 5 June

By then, the use of Kurdish language, dress, folklore , and names were banned in Kurdish-inhabited areas. Espousing a Marxist ideology, the group took part in violent conflicts with right-wing entities as a part of the political chaos in Turkey at the time. They claimed that he exploited the peasants, and collaborated with Turkey in oppressing the Kurds. It is believed that this marked a period of intense urban warfare among other political elements. It launched attacks and bombings against Turkish governmental installations, the military, and various institutions of the state.

The PKK mainly focused on attacks against Turkish military targets in Turkey, although civilian targets were also hit in the past. At the same time, the government started to use more violent methods to counter Kurdish militants.

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